Search engines and specifically Google are the single most contributors to website traffic all across the globe. Google can be utilized for the listing of your website’s pages in natural search results and also for paid inclusion on top of or along side of natural results with a per click cost model, where you only get charged if a potential client clicks the link of your ad and actually visits the destination page on your website. Both of these methods of creating brand awareness is usually employed. The advantage of being included in natural search result being that once your site is set up to rank well the only ongoing cost will be the minimal cost associated with maintaining that ranking and there is no per click cost. The advantage that pay per click advertising has is that the ads appear immediately upon ad set-up and there is no wait time for the Google spider to crawl the internet to update your new and improved ranking.

AdWords ads with cost-per-click pricing are uniquely useful because:

  • Your price is automatically lowered to one cent more than your closest competitor.
  • No one can lock in the top position. User clickthrough rates and CPC help determine where your ad is shown. The most relevant ads rise to the top.
  • Google offers a unique set of tools to forecast your budget and select target keywords.
  • You can target your ads to users in a specific country or only to speakers of a specific language.

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