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Web Design Toronto is the right place for you when it comes to web design and maintenance. We are dedicated throughout the design process and we also offer great maintenance services to your website and also if you need we can do online marketing for you. We give each client our specialized skill, devoting our self towards great results. We know that when you  need a web site created, you want the best, with our experience and professionalism; we will make your dream come true. Here at Web Design Toronto, we are well diversified in what we have to offer in terms of services.  When you visit our website you will be able to be offered the following services:

Toronto Web Design Services

  1. Responsive web design – we ensure the creation of websites that are user and mobile friendly, easy to read and navigating on a wide range of platforms. This includes from desktop, android, mobile, iPhone, iPad and other gadgets. We are the perfect choice for a responsive web design.
  2. Web design Canada – our great skilled team of web programmers will work with you to give you the website of your dreams. A website that will stand out uniquely on the internet.
  3. Web consulting – here ate Web Design Toronto we also provide you with the right advice that will help you decide on what you want for your website. Our great consulting services will aid in whatever questions or problems that you may have.
  4. Web analytics- we offer a solution that will enrich your website with great website traffic and also self advertising on the web.
  5. Web application- with our advancement in web programming, we are able to develop essential web applications that will assist your website to grow. We create powerful and ideal applications for our clients.
  6. Google search marketing – Google being a widely used search engine tool, we offer create optimization with Google marketing. We ensure through advertising such as pay per click (PPC) your website appears on the first result page after a search and you pay minimum amount for each click. We also optimize your keywords so you wont pay extra for searches that are not related or not in best interst of your business which will result paying less to Google.
  7.  Yahoo! Search marketing (YSM) – we will advertise your website through Yahoo! Link, a suite for online marketing and advertising.
  8. Social media marketing – with social websites flooding the web, more and more people are getting online, so we ensure marketing through social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.
  9. Directory Listing – we ensure that you are listed in the top most and popular web directories, widening your market online.
  10. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – we provide the best services when it comes to search engine optimization. We ensure your website is ranked the top most in search engines. This will increase the traffic on your site and more income for your business.
  11. Site optimization – we will help you in optimizing your site and improving your website’s popularity and ranking.
  12. Search engine marketing- our goal is to help you with online marketing and our services will ensure you get the search engine marketing service that you deserve. Your site will appear on the first page of every search engine.

With all these services, we are ready to work with you so as to ensure the best. There is no doubt that we will be that change you have been waiting for.

Reasons for having a website:
importance of starting a website

Starting a website should be a tactical way of improving your market and widening your targeted group, so what are the main reasons you would want to have a website launched.

  1. Starting a website automatically guarantees you of marketing. Through the internet you can market your services and products thus increasing your potential market. This would increase the sales of your business or company.
  2. Your services will be available 24/7. This would be a good advantage; you will be always open and ensure provision of service at all times to your customers. This is likely to increase your profits as a business.
  3. By having your own website you reduce your competition in the market. More and more companies are getting online, so if you are not online you would only be lowering your companies’ chances of making some real progress.
  4. Having a website will also improve your customer service and also have response from any of your customers. This will enable you to create a healthy communication platform between you and your customers.

Marketing and advertising through the internet is more affordable compared to other means that do not involve the net. Through this you are able to spend less on advertising and earn more in profits.

Importance of visitors to your website
  1. Visitors help to market your website, so in order for your website to really start working you need visitors to come to your website.
  2. Since people search daily on the internet, they are likely to come to your website as a visitor, and these visitors are potential customers who eventually will become your monthly clients online.
  3. With over a quarter a billion of websites on the net, you require visitors to your site. Through marketing and advertising, you would be able to make your website popular an increase the traffic to your website. This would widen your market and improve your website statistics.
  4. A web site cannot survive alone without visitors, so this makes visitors very vital to the success of your website. Also visitors tend to bring more visitors to your website through sharing information about your website.
How does budget come in web design?
  1. A Budget would be very important when you are planning to start a budget. This gives you an overview of how much you will spend on making the website.
  2. Having a huge website and having it doing nothing will lead to budget nightmares that you would not be prepared for. So it would be best for you to research first and set a budget that will ensure a website that will suit all your needs.
  3. Setting a budget shows how well planned you are and also aware of the cost that you will encounter during the whole process of designing and also maintenance.
Why Choose Web Design Canada?
  1. We ensure a simple but effective website for you or your company.
  2. We provide great internet marketing tools and techniques which involve search engine optimization and search engine marketing.
  3. We use the latest website technologies to design your website and follow all the current standards
  4. We will build a website that will attract your targeted audience and also make sure they keep on coming back to the website.
  5. With us we will ensure your website appears on the best website directories such as Yahoo! and Google.
  6. Our great team of web programmers will design a website according to your specifications and desires.
1 hour free web consultation!
  1. Our advice and consultation will be beneficial and making your website stand out from the rest.
  2. Through consultation you will be aware of the latest tools and technologies in web design enabling you to choose the best that will be applicable to the wed design that you want.
Why do you need  A:

When you choose a domain name you want to stand out of the ones already being used. Sometimes to get your website noticed you just need a unique and the right domain name. A website can be described by its domain name, so the name should always reflect what is on the site. You probably want a name that will attract more visitors to you and increase the traffic to your site. So what do you really need to know so as to decide on the best name? Are there any tricks to it? Well I tell you it has no trick, it is a matter of sitting down, and thinking, figuring out the perfect name.

To get online you need to be hosted by one of the various web hosting companies out there. Having your website hosted enables it to be accessed through the web form any part of this world. We provide great hosting services on our servers to enable your website to reach the outside world. We provide comprehensive and effective database support and web programming such as PHP and Java for web applications. Our hosting tools allow you to have your won customized CMS and custom applications.
Through our interface control panel (cPanel) you will be able to manage your website from anywhere as long as you have internet access.
Our servers are all always online, ensuring that your website will always be up and running at all hours of the day. We support PHP, Servelet, JSP, Tomcat and MySQL database. With all this you are able to know whether we can provide hosting services to you. Also our hosting services are configured as Linux server (Lamp platform that is Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP/PERL/Python). Another great advantage of using our hosting packages is that we contain Fantastico, which allows you to have pre installed scripts on your hosting account. Scripts including, a blog content management, phpAdsNew, PHPauction, phpFormGeneretor and many more.


There are many reasons to choose us for your web designing services.
1. We are able to provide the market that your website deserves. Increasing your website’s popularity around the targeted audience and eventually increasing the traffic to your website.
2. At Web Design Canada we offer the best site optimization services. WE offer great SEO (search engine optimization) and SEM (search engine marketing) services to make your website stand out.
3. We offer great wed responsive services. Your website will be able to be viewed from various platforms such as mobile, iPad and android.
With our professionalism and web programming tea we are able to give you that extra push to make you successful on the internet. For more information on web design visit our website and make sure to give us a call, we give a whole free hour on web consultation.

Give us a Call, we give 1 Hour of Free Web Consultation!

Not only do we provide the best web design services but also we ensure to maintain your website, making it grow. We offer great online marketing strategies and techniques. With various when marketing and web advertising out there we offer you with the right information so as to guide you towards choosing the best. Internet marketing can be done in various ways including SEO, display advertising, affiliate marketing and mobile advertising SEM.

With all these techniques we are able to use the one that will effectively ensure your website rankings are improved and also increase the traffic to your website. We know how having visitors can be of great help to your website. With Web Design Canada you will be able to get the best online marketing services.